Svetilnik Ljubljanica

Svetlobna Gverilla Ljubljana Slovenia

The installation, made of two lanterns: a naval lighthouse and a laterna magica, is a dialogue with the two lighthouses located at the entrance to the Piran harbour. The symbolism of the lighthouse is abundant: it indicates a safe path, is an expression of strength, hope to overcome death and loneliness, and new life. The moving lights enhanced by Fresnel lenses attract attention like a magical lantern.

The location of the lanterns on the river, under the famous Triple Bridge – Tromostovje – indicates the place on the water axis of the city – the Ljubljanica River. The bridge was designed by Joze Plecnik, an artist deeply ingrained in Slovenian tradition and identity based on Ljubljana’s unique location – on the border between two great civilisations: the world of Romanesque culture and the world of Germanic culture. Not only are Plecnik’s architectural designs superb works of modernism, but they also represent the Arts and Crafts movement tradition and the ideals of Gesamtkunstwerk. Plecnik’s timeless, elegant designs inspired me to design two lanterns using the wealth of his designs, forms and patterns, including candelabra and lanterns.

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