et sic in infinitum

light installation

The history of artificial light in art is a journey from flame to screen. It encapsulates a whole range of artistic phenomena inspired by the observation of the world in the dark. As we observe the momentum that art is gaining thanks to artificial light, it is worth remembering that it began with a flame in the dark.

Our focus is on electric light, whose role is to show the content to be communicated. We engage the viewer to guide them to make the invisible visible. We use light, artificial light, video – the effect of overexposure, mapping – the effect of illumination because we believe that light art is purely energetic, delocalised, and free of physical barriers and impossibilities. According to Paul Virilio, art has abandoned the recording or transformation of matter in favour of digital forms of recording, emitting, and receiving signs.

The question of the interdependence of medium and image and the way in which the contemporary image is dependent on the medium, the simulation of the world in the form of digital projection – these are the main fields of investigation of the Not a Number group. In visual systems in which the phenomena of luminescence, transparency and mirroring occur, it is possible to experience the matter of the image in the traditional sense, elicited by digital devices.

We create a space where thought and electric light – communicators without communiques – complete the chain of relationships between media.




video projection, processing, dark room, stage Fogger with Controller

video projection, animation – mapping, white ball